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Anti-Mold Tablets

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Product Details

Function: anti-mildew, antibacterial, antibacterial

Specifications: 2.5cm * 5cm, 5 * 5cm 2000 pieces (volume), aluminum foil bag packaging, 10 volumes per case, 20,000 pieces.

Uses: Anti-mold tablets can be applied to shoes, handbags, food, medicine, leather, textiles, furniture, toys, high-precision electronics and other products.

Dosage: The number of anti-mold tablets used in general, male and female shoe boxes 1-2 pieces of Dongguan anti-mold tablets; long boots are recommended to use 3-4 pieces of anti-mold tablets; handbags and bags products and the article itself Size has a relationship, another suggestion: due to different conditions of mildew prevention measures in each factory, if the weather in the rainy season is excessively humid, in order to strengthen the anti-mildew effect, you can increase the Dongguan anti-mildew tablets, and it is recommended that customers test the actual effect.

Product Description

The anti-mold tablets are mainly synthesized with safe, non-toxic and recyclable polymer materials, environmentally friendly anti-mold components and controlled release factors. Mustard Brassica Oleracea L Lootrytis L Raphanus sativas Capsicum Frutescens L... and other natural botanical ingredients purified extracts after enzymatic hydrolysis, natural, non-toxic environmentally friendly mold proof.

1. Anti-mold film anti-mildew effect is remarkable. It has been proved by the authoritative organization SGS experiment and this product has passed the anti-fungal performance test of ASTMG21-09WG polymer material and reached the “0” standard (level distinction: 0 grade - no growth mold Grade 1 - trace growth, less than 10% range; grade 2 - slight growth, 10-30% range growth; grade 3 - moderate growth, 30-60% range growth; grade 4 - severe growth, 60% - overall growth ).

2. Anti-mold tablets are green, safe and non-toxic products. This product has passed the US FDA food safety test, fully comply with EU ROHS, REACH and other environmental requirements, and absolutely does not contain harmful substances such as DMF.

3. The anti-mildew tablets adopt the slow release technology to keep the anti-mold factors lasting, kill the molds, and the effect is remarkable, environmentally friendly and efficient. It can continue to function within 6 months, effectively inhibiting the growth of more than 30 molds and yeasts, so that the products get good mildew protection during the use period.

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