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WIT Mouldproof Liquid

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Product Introduction

WIT Mouldproof Liquid is safe and efficient. It can kill all kinds of bacteria and fungi in a very short time, so the broad spectrum is very large. Through special textile and fiber affinity labeling technique, effective ingredients can be distributed evenly on the surface and can destroy bacteria cell walls (intrinsic permeability is 20-30 times of the extrinsic permeability) that make cell membrane rupture and the cytoplasm leaking .Therefore, the microbial-metabolism is over.It is very environmental , so there is not only no stimulation to the skin, but also no harmful material such as formaldehyde and heavy metal ions. This is because WIT Mouldproof Liquid complies with the requirements of environmental protection.

The use scope

Our Mold Inhibitor can be used for cotton, nylon, polyester and other fiber products processing. The usage is very large. Recently it has been used in non-woven fabric, foam polyurethane, synthetic leather and other materials.

1. It is suitable for all kinds of natural fibers (such as cotton, hemp, and wool), synthetic fibers (such as polyester, nylon fiber, polypropylene (p.p), Lycra elastic acrylic fiber (Rayon),  acetate fiber, and glass fiber), and above of blended fabric, etc.

2. Men and women's Lingerie & underwear.

3. Sports shoes, casual shoes and various usages of hosiery.

4. Bedding products (sheets, blankets, bed sheet, bed sheet set , pillowcase, and carpet).

5. Used in internal filling materials(including indoor decoration supplies, quit, sleeping bags, and clothing): cotton,natural feathers, nylon, polyester, rayon, or wool, etc.

6. Used in wet napkin and small towel.

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