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Mildew Paper

Product Details

Product material: plastic synthetic film

Product specifications: 8*16CM, 25*25CM, 40*60CM, 60*160CM

Material color: milky white

Packing: roll packaging

Product Description

1.Pure natural plant essential oil refined, three-layer film state paper, comply with EU environmental standards, its toxicity is lower than salt.

2.It has been verified that it is several times stronger than other anti-mild products on the market, and no mildew will occur during the validity period.

3.Easy to use, just put it directly into the shoe box or stick it, no need to add or spray any agent, saving packaging process time and reducing costs.

4.This product can be recycled in good condition during the expiration date or printed on other defects. Under the environment of anti-mild work, it is guaranteed to protect the anti-mold tablets (six months or more) from being clean and mold-free.


Description for use

1. This product is packaged and sealed in aluminum foil bag. It can be stored for more than one year without being opened. Each piece is 125px*125px square, thickness is 600u, 1000 pieces/package is installed, effective anti-mildew space is 25*25*375px , depending on the size of the space increases.

2. 20 rolls per case, better with special anti-mild work, directly into the shoe box or paste, after the shoe box is placed in a large box, put 6-7 pieces in the upper and lower layers of the large box to achieve the best anti-mildew effect. Unused mold strips must be sealed as soon as possible to avoid evaporation with air.

3. Instructions for use of the work box, open the lid and quickly place the mold proof on the middle bearing, take the mold strip out of the gap at the side of the box, then cover it, pay attention to the lid seal, and use the anti-old film to prevent the mold. Pull out, tear off the use of anti-mold tablets, do not pull out too long, resulting in excessive loss of essential oils, to ensure the anti-mildew effect of the mold inside the box.

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