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Why Use Oxygen Absorber?

Feb. 22, 2019

Using Oxygen Absorber is a prepping Simple, but in Case you Are new to Prepping you might have concerns regarding how to use them. Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from a sealed environment . Such as a mason jar, a Mylar bag, a can, or even a food grade bucket. To assist your food last decades longer than they want with nothing.

Some of the many reasons to use Organic Deoxidizer is to:

Oxygen Absorber

Prevent mold and growth of aerobic pathogens on grains.

Keep Vitamin A, C, and E fresh.

Delay browning in dried fruits.

Inhibit oxidation of oleoresins present in spices, which alter the flavors.

Deprive pests of oxygen, so they and their eggs and larva can't live.

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