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Why are exports more prone to mildew

Oct. 31, 2018

Why are exports more prone to mildew? Because of the use of the name of the container drying agent is not enough? Or is it the special environment for ocean transportation which is easy to breed mold?

To understand what causes moldy in export goods, we need to know what mildew is and what conditions are needed to discover it.

Let's meet the mold first.Mold, commonly known as filamentous fungi, means "mildewed fungi," which tend to form branching mycelium, but do not produce large fruiting bodies like mushrooms.In moist, warm places, many objects grow microscopic colonies of fluff, flocculus, or cobweb-like mold that are visible to the naked eye.

So why does this mould tend to occur on goods stored in export containers?Is it related to the shipping environment?

Mold growth requires the following four elements:

Nutrients: the nutrients required by mold mainly include carbon compounds, nitrogen compounds, water, inorganic salts and growth factors, etc., and shoe materials are often rich in nutrients required by mold growth.

Temperature: mold spores are dormant in the low temperature environment, the temperature will be suitable for rapid growth and reproduction.The optimum temperature range 20 ° C - 35 ° C.

Moisture: mold is the most drought-resistant microorganism. Some mold can grow when Water activity is 0.65.

Oxygen: mold is specialized aerobic bacteria that need oxygen to reproduce and grow.

Knowing the growth conditions of mold, it is not difficult to find that the special climate environment of high temperature and high humidity of ocean transportation is in line with the breeding conditions of mold.It is necessary to use an appropriate amount of desiccant to prevent moisture clearing damp in a timely manner, so as to ensure that the internal environment of the container in which the goods are stored is dry, so as to prevent moldy goods.

Zero occupied cargo loading space.The desiccant of MINGHUI container is designed to be inserted directly into the groove of the inner wall of the container, which will not take up any cargo loading space, and can conduct all-weather moisture-proof monitoring of the cargo.

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