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What specific requirements do desiccant have on packaging materials?

Oct. 31, 2018

Judging whether a drying agent meets the standards, in fact, from the drying agent packaging materials can be a look inside. So, what specific requirements do desiccant have on the selection of packaging materials?

Next, please follow MINGHUI technology to sum up the major requirements of MINGHUI desiccant on packaging materials.

Good air permeability.The packaging material of desiccant should first be said to have good air permeability. Good air permeability of desiccant packaging is the precondition for it to be able to absorb moisture, otherwise the efficient absorbing material will not work.All the selected packaging materials of MINGHUI desiccant are provided with good air permeability. The composite film with excellent waterproof and air permeability is adopted, and the non-woven cloth with environmental protection and wear-resistant is adopted.MINGHUI desiccant, which has a strong ability to absorb moisture, absorbs moisture in the surrounding environment and locks it in. The special composite membrane prevents liquid water from passing through while preventing dust from passing through, ensuring safety in the whole process and meeting the strict requirements of different precious goods.

Some people suggest that the thinner the packing material is, the more breathable it is.

In fact, it cannot simply say that the thinner the packaging material is, the better, because like the packaging material selected by the name MINGHUI desiccant, the wrapping paper not only needs to be able to let the external moisture free to enter, but also the packaging material should be able to lock the moisture that has been absorbed.Common on the market of the silica gel desiccant, mineral desiccant, lime desiccant, desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant, alumina desiccant, desiccant activated carbon and so on are all using a thin layer of non-woven fabric or checkered paper, paper of love China, so the common desiccant packaging materials on the market with CDH desiccant no comparability.

At the same time, the safety should be up to standard.A good drying agent must be able to prevent leakage and have good safety performance.Since desiccant is used to absorb moisture, the volume and weight of desiccant must be increased.For example, MINGHUI desiccant has a moisture absorption capacity of up to 300%, which is 15 times higher than the ordinary desiccant on the market. Therefore, MINGHUI desiccant is required to firmly prevent leakage and ensure safety when choosing packaging materials.

In addition, the name of the drying agent in the selection of packaging materials should also be able to be dustproof, sealing performance good.The outstanding quality of the moisture resistant desiccant produced by MINGHUI technology is not only reflected in the high efficiency of moisture absorption capacity, at the same time, all the desiccant produced by MINGHUI technology are made of double packaging materials, and through careful design, the air permeability and safety performance are second to none.

Wet is a special climate that meets the conditions for breeding mold.It is necessary to use an appropriate amount of desiccant to prevent moisture clearing damp in a timely manner, so as to ensure that the internal environment of the container in which the goods are stored is dry, so as to prevent moldy goods.

Zero occupied cargo loading space.The desiccant of MINGHUI container is designed to be inserted directly into the groove of the inner wall of the container, which will not take up any cargo loading space, and can conduct all-weather moisture-proof monitoring of the cargo.

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