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Silica Gel Desiccant And Mineral Desiccant- Which Is Better

Mar. 26, 2019

Silica Gel Desiccant and mineral desiccant are the two most common desiccants on the market. So which of them is good, what is the difference? Today, professional manufacturers will introduce it to everyone.

There are currently two main types of desiccant on the market, one is a silica gel desiccant and the other is a mineral desiccant.

First, the main component of Silica Gel Packets is silica, the production process of silica gel is more complicated, the production energy consumption is also larger, so the cost is relatively high, but its safety performance is very good, and the stability is strong, at high temperature The adsorbent is not released in the environment, has a longer service life, and is recyclable.

Mineral Desiccant

Second, the Mineral Desiccant moisture absorption capacity is also good, and silica gel desiccant capacity is equivalent, but it is suitable for humidity below 50%, there are certain restrictions. However, the Activated Mineral Desiccant is more environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Its raw materials are taken from natural minerals, which can be naturally degraded after disposal, and the production cost is low, which is also the development direction of the new generation of desiccant.

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