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How to Prevent Mildew in Clothing During the Rainy Season?

Jul. 23, 2019

The most worrying thing in the rainy season is that the clothes are mildewed, and there are many forms of moldy, including long white hair, blackening, and mildew spots. Generally, clothes are not very well treated after being moldy. Only try to do the mold work as much as possible. So today, Container Desiccant Bag Supplier will share the method of anti-mildew clothing.

Anti-Mold Tablets

1. Diligently open the window to keep the indoor air circulation

Humidity and non-ventilation can easily make the clothes moldy. The clothes absorb more water, and the bacteria are easy to breed. If it reacts with the fibers in the clothes, it will form mold spots. (Open the window to avoid the morning and afternoon)

2. Keep indoors dry

Some activated carbon desiccant or dry tea leaves can be placed indoors to absorb the moist components of the air.

3. Put Anti-Mold Tablets in the closet

Many people say that desiccant can be used to prevent mildew, but the effect of desiccant is limited. All desiccants will reach water saturation; once saturated, they will lose their ability to absorb water and the clothes will start to get wet. And the desiccant only has the function of moisture absorption and has no anti-mold and anti-insect effect. It is better to use mildew-proof tablets or mildew-proof bags to prevent mildew on clothes. The anti-mold tablets do not contain DMF, and the plant extract formula can be used with ease. Simply put a few pieces of anti-mildew tablets in the closet to have a good anti-mildew effect.

If the clothes have been mildewed, white hair, or dry, the neck, cuffs, pockets, etc. of the clothes are moldy. In such a situation, apply water and a little detergent containing "aerobic particles", brush the bacteria with a brush, and then iron it up to avoid further mildew.

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