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How To Anti-enzyme And Moisture proof In Dry Containers

Mar. 13, 2019

Everyone knows that although dry goods say that they contain less water, they should not be so moldy, but in fact the dry goods transported in the container are very sensitive to a little bit of moisture, a little bit of moisture, the dry goods you transport. They are very likely to be inedible. So at this time you have to need a Container Desiccant.

Dry goods, such as seasonings, dried peppers, peanuts, raisins, etc., are very susceptible to moisture during storage of shipping containers, because the environment of the container itself will encounter high temperature and high humidity, and like dry goods, it seems to have little moisture. The dry goods do not mean that it will not get wet, because the internal container temperature in the sea during the day can be up to 60 degrees Celsius above the sea. In such a relatively high temperature, a relatively closed environment, we As you can imagine, the dry goods and the materials used for their packaging will evaporate a lot of water vapor. The air content in the high temperature environment is very large. When it is night, the temperature inside the container/container will slowly drop. At low temperatures, the ability of air to hold water vapor is relatively low. Obviously, we will know that during the day, the air with high water content will have some water vapor attached to the side wall of the container and the inner surface of the cargo in the form of condensed water (such as shrink film and carton and shrink film in the woven bag). In the meantime, the other one is that if there is too much condensed water condensed on the top of the container, it will drip down. This phenomenon is a container rain in the popular way.

Container Desiccant

At this time, we need to use the Shipping Container Desiccant to ensure that the dry goods are dry and safe in the container. The container desiccant is a moisture-proof weapon specially developed for products like dry goods that are easily damp during container transportation. As long as the container desiccant is attached, the Container Desiccant Bag's superior moisture absorption capacity allows it to quickly absorb the moisture in the surrounding environment and the moisture evaporating into the air by the packaging itself, reducing the humidity inside the container and avoiding visible and hidden condensation. The production ensures that the internal climate of the container is always in a dynamic and balanced dry state, thus protecting the dry goods you transport safely and dryly to the destination.

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