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The Distinctive Features Of Mineral Desiccants

Mar. 01, 2019

The English name of the Mineral Desiccant is Activated Clay Desiccant, refined with pure natural raw materials and a small amount of additives, green, non-toxic and tasteless. The product has good adsorption performance at room temperature and general humidity, and has the functions of adsorption activity, static dehumidification and odor removal.

Mineral Desiccants

Mineral Desiccant Manufacturer tell you several features

1, environmental protection, safety, can be widely used in the field of medicine, food, feed. A small amount of ingestion will not endanger life. (Beware of accidental eating)

2, high hygroscopicity, strong odor removal, non-toxic and tasteless, non-contact corrosion, no environmental pollution. The moisture absorption rate is 50% to 100% higher than that of the silica gel desiccant. The natural structure selectively adsorbs toxic gases such as formaldehyde and gaseous sulfides.

3, long life cycle, can be recycled.

4. It does not reverse osmosis after moisture absorption, which can ensure that the Activated Clay Packets is always in a dry state. There is almost no change in the physical form before and after moisture absorption, and there is no phenomenon of "breaking the bag".

5. Regular high-strength spherical particles can increase the fluidity and ensure that the products are not broken during transportation, packaging and use, and no dust is generated. At the same time, the product will not change its strength and shape even if it is immersed in water for a long period of time, which can better improve its regenerability.

6. Compared with Silica Gel Desiccant, the same moisture absorption rate product is much lower.

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