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What Are The Methods For Preventing Moisture In Shipping Containers?

May. 22, 2019

Many customers have repeatedly complained about customers because of the dampness of the goods, and even returned goods, losing tens of thousands or even millions. Some lose orders because the goods are rusted and corroded. What are the methods for preventing moisture in shipping containers? As a Container Desiccant Manufacturer, we believe that as long as we pay attention to a few points during production and transportation, we can easily solve the problem of moisture-proof shipping containers.

Container Desiccant Bag

Container Desiccant Bag

1. To ensure the dryness of the container, especially inside the container, and the tightness of the product packaging, it is best to add moisture-proof beads to the product packaging box.

2. Ensure the tightness of the container.

3. Guarantee the drying of the products in the container

4. Ensure the drying and moisture resistance of the packaging materials

5. Ensure the drying of the packing environment

6. Use container drying strips or Container Desiccant Bag

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