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Please Keep Your Child Away From Desiccant

Jun. 10, 2019

At present, many products are placed in desiccant, small package or large package. If you pay attention to it, you will find that a packet of desiccant is placed in the food packaging bag or in the newly purchased shoes and clothes boxes. Container Desiccant Bag Supplier MINGHUI reminds you that although desiccant is essential for moisture protection, it will be available in a variety of bags, but the desiccant is not a toy. Be sure not to leave the desiccant in the bag for your child.

Especially in food packaging bags, in order to reduce the humidity in the food bags and prevent the food from spoiling and spoiling, the manufacturer usually puts a small packet of desiccant in the food packaging bag. It is commonly used in the food moisture-proof silicone desiccant and calcium oxide drying. Agent, that is quicklime desiccant.

Silica Gel Indicate Desiccant

Silica Gel Indicate Desiccant

The child is naturally curious and curious about everything. This is if they take the desiccant in their hands, it is very likely that they will tear the bag, causing it to spill into the eyes or eat.

If the desiccant powder is spilled into the eyes, seek medical attention immediately. If you eat calcium oxide desiccant, you can not neutralize it with any acidic substances. You can take oral milk or egg white immediately, but avoid vomiting to prevent burns and seek medical advice. If you accidentally eat the transparent Silica Gel Indicate Desiccant. After eating too much, drink plenty of water to promote excretion and discharge with feces.

No matter which type of desiccant should be avoided, it should be placed in a place where the child can't reach it.

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