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Is Container Drying Rod Toxic?

Apr. 11, 2019

As a Shipping Container Desiccant Factory, let's talk about Container Drying Rod is toxic.

There are four kinds of desiccant: one is transparent silica gel, no toxicity, no need to do any treatment after eating; the other is ferric oxide, brown, slightly irritating; there are two kinds of white Powder, one is calcium chloride, only slightly irritating; the other is calcium oxide, which is often called lime, is a white or gray-white block, has a strong function of absorbing moisture in the air, Because calcium oxide releases heat during the process of turning into calcium hydroxide, it will burn people's eyes, mouth or esophagus. At the same time, calcium hydroxide is alkaline, which has corrosive effects on the oropharynx and esophagus; Causes damage to the conjunctiva and cornea. However, due to the relatively low cost of lime desiccant, the moisture absorption rate can reach about 30%, and it can always have good hygroscopicity, so it is dried by seaweed, rice cake, candy, dried fish and so on. Highly demanding children's food packaging is widely used.

The first two are insoluble in water, and the latter two are soluble in water. Currently, the most used in the market are quicklime. In fact, these are not toxic, basically corrosive substances.

At the same time, Container Drying Rod is not an additive. Container Drying Rod is a dry auxiliary material. It is a drying measure independent of the object and the object. Users can use it with confidence.

Container Drying Rod

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