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How to Choose A Desiccant for Your Product?

Jul. 30, 2019

The market is full of desiccant, so many customers are at a loss, do not know how to choose the desiccant to meet their needs. Container Desiccant Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the type of desiccant. Desiccants include:

Bag desiccant series: The most common type of desiccant, in the form of adsorbent + bag, easy to use, low price, can be applied to most products.

Card type desiccant series: the special fiber is used as the adsorption carrier, which is beautiful in form and saves packaging space. Such as Humidity Indicator Cards.

Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicator Cards

Tablet desiccant series: Similar to a tablet-like solid, it can be made into different shapes to suit the packaging environment.

Small cylindrical desiccant series: Hard plastic shell, can be set in the packaging container such as bottle cap, can be automatically placed.

Container Desiccant series: for container transportation, moisture absorption rate up to 300%. Drug desiccant series: used for pharmaceutical packaging, high security.

Container Desiccant

Container Desiccant

Food desiccant series: used for food moisture-proof, high security. Electronic product desiccant series: used in electronic products, anti-dust, anti-static.

High moisture absorption desiccant series: suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment, moisture absorption rate up to 300%.

Continuous desiccant series: for automated production, suitable for automatic placement and automatic slitting.

Household desiccant series: It has many functions such as moisture absorption, odor absorption, and mildew resistance.

As well as other special desiccant series, you can choose the right product range according to your own products.

Product form: such as bag type, card type, tablet type, etc.

Sealing method: Three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back sealing, and other packaging forms are available.

The number of continuous packaging: single package, two-piece package, five-piece package, continuous type, etc.

Suspension: In some cases, the desiccant needs to be hung, you can choose hooks, lanyards, combination suspensions, etc.

Paste method: The desiccant can be attached to the inner wall of the product package.

Packing method: You can choose the outer packaging form of the product such as aluminum foil bag, iron pass and the number of packages.

Desiccant selection is a rigorous and complex task that requires a comprehensive consideration of the various elements of moisture protection requirements. You can find out more about the above product elements through our website. At the same time, you can contact our technical staff for further consultation to help you complete the desiccant selection.

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