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The Detailed Use Steps Of Container Desiccant

Jan. 28, 2019

1. Inspect the container

Before using Container Desiccant, Inspect the container,ensuring that: It is free from damage: no holes , gaps in the floor,walls or ceiling, etc. It is clean and dry . Check moisture content of container floor, best keep it below 18% , do not exceed 25% , Had better increase the amount of desiccant in the container.

For floor exceeding 20% moisture content add 1 pc 1kg desiccant for each 1.5%. For ramie cotton fabric or other products exceeding 18% moisture, add 1 pc 1kg Shipping Container Desiccant for each 1.5%. For grass rattan fabric , palm products or other high moisture content products , add 2pcs 1kg desiccant for each 1.5%.

2. Hanging position

3. Using steps

Seal air vents, make sure the desiccant in sealed condition.

Take the desiccant out of the carton,make sure it is useful .

 Container Drying Agent without hard cover that hanging alongside the container wall , please use ladder for help.

Container desiccant with hard colorful cover that hanging alongside the container wall.

High Quality Container Desiccant without hook, flat the desiccant on the surface of the cartons. Do not press!

Keep loading time short after hanging the desiccant.

Seal the door as soon as possible.

Container Desiccant

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