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What Are The Characteristics Of Container Desiccant?

Mar. 29, 2019

What are the characteristics of Container Desiccant? In addition to appearing to be larger than the general desiccant design, are there other features? The following professional Container Desiccant Bag Supplier will give you a detailed introduction.

The container desiccant has a moisture absorption rate of up to 300% and is capable of continuously and effectively absorbing moisture for 90 days without interruption, ensuring that your cargo can be safely and safely delivered to the port of destination throughout the shipping container.

Container Desiccant

Safety does not leak. The Container Desiccant is developed with safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials to ensure that all desiccants do not contain DMF, meet the safety standards of the European Union and other countries, and directly convert from solid powder to gel after moisture absorption, avoiding the flow. Liquid water can cause secondary moisture pollution to the cargo.

Moisture absorption is suitable for a wide temperature range. The Shipping Container Desiccant can fully adapt to the high temperature and high humidity environment of the shipping container. It can quickly absorb moisture in the high temperature and high humidity environment of the container, absorb the water vapor in the container to reduce the relative humidity of the internal environment, and prevent the container rain or box sweat. .

The Container Drying Agent positive needle container groove is designed to have a long rotatable rotatable hook, which does not occupy the effective loading space of your export goods.

Compared to other general desiccants, container desiccants need to have higher adsorption capacity, safer and more environmentally friendly absorbent materials, and a wider range of applications.

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