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The Production Process Of Activated Carbon Desiccant

Feb. 28, 2019

Activated Carbon Desiccant the next step for making plastic granules (gel), this is the most critical step, will be ready ahead of bubble spent lye and sulfuric acid response under certain circumstances, to form aloe vera solution, after attaining the proper concentration will end up gel particles. The form and dimensions of the granules could be set based on the user's needs and manufacturing capability. The procedure of gels is normally typical in weiqi granule, the proportion of acid and alkali, concentration, temperature and gelation period of gels are certain procedure parameters of gel granulation procedure.

Activated Carbon Desiccant

Activated Carbon Desiccant Packs aging of gel required to pass through a certain amount of time and temperature, and PH value to aging, makes the gel skeleton, strong glue condensation between particles in the process of aging Si - O - Si key, strengthen the skeleton strength, particle near each other, smaller space truss structure in space, and contains water part of extrusion.

High Quality Activated Carbon Desiccant, will make good water gel (after washing) into the oven, and the water content of the gel itself will be dried to the required range in certain conditions. The higher the drying temperature, the greater the speed of a particle gathering and the larger the aperture.

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