Montmorillonite Desiccant
  • Mentmorillonite Desiccant/Mineral Desiccant
  • Mentmorillonite Desiccant/Mineral Desiccant
  • Mentmorillonite Desiccant/Mineral Desiccant

Mentmorillonite Desiccant/Mineral Desiccant

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1. Introduction: montmorillonite, also known as microcrystalline kaolinite, is the target mineral of bentonite ore. The montmorillonite in different parts of the world has different color such as white, light grey, pink and light green due to different genetic types, ore-forming environments and producing areas.Because of its crystal structure and molecular composition, non-toxic and harmless, natural degradation, with strong adsorption capacity and cation exchange performance, it is widely used in drying adsorbent.)

2. Features:

A. Natural bentonite drying, crushing and screening can be made into natural degradation, natural environmental protection non-toxic and harmless

B. Under 20% relative humidity, hygroscopic ability is better than silica gel, and the cost is lower)

Project nameindexmontmorillonite desiccant data
The moisture content(180℃)≤2%0.3

Specific Resistance 

PH value (pondus hydrogenii value)7~8.57.5
Bulk density(g/l)≥900956
Particle qualification rate≥94%98


Unit moisture absorption: (23℃)20% RH≥3g/unit
40% RH≥6g/unit
production descriptionalso known as clay desiccant, powdered or spherical particles
product featuresDo nont contain any additives, non-toxic, environmental protection
moisture absorption rate15%-30%
suitable temperaturebelow 50 degree
applicationFor tea, food, machine, clothing, military, ocean container, electronics, leather handicrafts, furniture and other industries.
saturationsaturation means that the desiccant has filled,and even if there is more water,it can not be adsorbed,The balance capacity means that the desiccant has taken enough moisture from the air to hold the air to water more than the desiccant for the absorption of water and gas,at this time ,adding more desiccant will not reduce the relative temperature of the environment
storage and packagesiilca gel has strong absorbency and should be stored in dry place, there should be a shelf between the packing and the group. packaging can be steel drums, drum, plastic bottle, polyethylene plastic bags' flexible container bag etc, specific package specifications see classified product description. wet,damp and insolation should be avoided in the course of transportation.
Small packaging application

1. Agricultural products: spices, coffee, tea, tobcco, pepper, ginger, cloves, cashew, rice, wheat, corn etc.

2. wood products: furniture, paper products etc.

3. Electronics: electrical appliances, cables, toys etc.

4. Leather goods:shes,clothing,sofa etc.

5. Metal products:metal plate, coil, machinery, auto parts, aluminum, copper products etc.

6. Textile apparel: accessories, cloth etc.

7. Household goods: glassware, resin, plastic and other products, arts and crafts etc.

8. Medical supplies.

Small package weight:2g-5g-10g-25g-50g-100g-1kg


Montmorillonite Desiccant

Montmorillonite desiccant hygroscopic performance table(25℃ RH10%-90%)

Montmorillonite Desiccant

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