Mildew Proof Paper
  • Eco-Friendly Antimold Piece
  • Eco-Friendly Antimold Piece

Eco-Friendly Antimold Piece

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Product Details
Production descriptionThe action principle of WIT environmental protection anti mildew film developed by MINGHUI is to bring the protein of microorganism spores to the environment by the sublimation of KL sublimation agent at normal temperatuer, so as to kill all kinds of mould with penicillium, aspergillus and mucor, killing mould breeding spores, making the environment that is not conducive to the growth of mould, slowly releasing its mould proof substances to ensure the mildew proof effect in effective time.
Product features

oxidation releases mouldproof factor that evenly spread to closed space.also,WIT has two stages of resisting bacteria which is  more effective and durable. It is made from environmentally-friendly paper, and will not cause environmental pollution and burden. Under the correct use condition, it is harmless and safe to human body. Not affected by temperature and humidity, it can achieve ideal results in any environment.

Moisture absorption rate
Suitable temperature
ApplicationFirst stage: effective sterilization, place WIT in the shoe box and it can sterilize in stantaneously. Second stage: Slowly release potent anti-mold factors, prserving the product for 3-6months during shipment and store.
Storage and package

Description: A processed paper treated with a mildew-proof chemical such as chlorophenolate. When using this paper to package other goods, it can form an "antibacterial environment" in the package, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of mold, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing mildew. Mildew Proof paper is widely used for packaging molds, Chinese herbal medicines, film, leather products, optical lenses, integrated circuits, and tapes, video tapes and other products.

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