Lime Desiccant
  • Lime Desiccant Bag

Lime Desiccant Bag

Product Details

Product material: quicklime

Product specifications: 1g - 2000 g, etc. can be produced or produced according to customer requirements

Material color: white

Packing: carton packaging

Product Description

Quicklime is a kind of white calcium oxide solid particles produced by natural calcined stone at high temperature calcination. It is an environmentally friendly desiccant absorbent material, containing no harmful substances and heavy metals that are restricted by EU countries. For desiccant moisture absorbent material, it consumes the moisture in the package content space through the chemical reaction of calcium oxide and water, thus playing the role of drying and moisture absorption. The process of absorbing water is a chemical reaction process, and this process is irreversible.

Introduction: Active mineral desiccant, which is made of attapulgite after activation treatment, its hygroscopic capacity under high temperature is better than montmorillonite. Because it contains chloride ions, it cannot be in direct contact with food, medicine, metal and so on.

Good moisture absorption under high humidity

Mineral desiccant (addition of calcium chloride raw materials) moisture absorption performance table (25 ° C RH10%-90%)

Lime Desiccant

Live Mineral Performance Indicators

Project nameIndexMineral desiccant data
Water content (180 ± 5 ° C)%≤2.0%1.5
Moisture absorption rate 25±2°CNo calcium chloride added RH=90% ≥16%≥20%
Add certain calcium chloride RH=90% ≥30%≥35%
PH value6-98.0
Bulk density g/L650-950790
Particle size pass rate≥90%96

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