Humidity Card Series
  • Four-Point Indicator Card

Four-Point Indicator Card

Product Details

Product material: advanced paper

Product specifications: three-point type six-point type or according to customer requirements

Material color: white pink white green

Packing: canned and carton packaging

Product Description

The dried tablet is a natural plant fiber which is a hygroscopic carrier and is 100% naturally degradable. It is an environmentally friendly desiccant. It is the best substitute for ordinary desiccant. It has fast and high moisture absorption rate.

Its saturated moisture absorption rate is up to 100% of its own weight, at 25 °C, RH=100%, and is three times of ordinary silica gel desiccant. The outer image is thick paper, and the upper and lower sides are colored PET film, which is beautiful and takes up less space. The desiccant size, shape and thickness can be tailored to specific needs.

The desiccant absorption rate can be adjusted.

Production Standards

* 2004/73/EC (EU Environmental Regulations)

* GJB2494-95 (People's Republic of China Military Standard)

* MIL-I-8835A (US Military Packaging Standard)

* JEDEC (Electronic Components Industry Association Standard)

Scope of Application

* Electronic component packaging, optical equipment, sensitive components.

* All kinds of vacuum packaging.

* IC / integration / circuit board, etc.

Instructions for Use

1. When the humidity of the environment reaches or the value indicated on the indicator on the humidity indicator card, the indicator point changes from dry to hygroscopic.

2. When the humidity of the environment is lowered, the color of the point of the indicator card will change from the hygroscopic color back to the dry color.

3. When the color of the indicator point changes to the specified color, the value in that point is the humidity value of the current environment.

Dry colorHygroscopic colorSpecified color

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