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Fiber Desiccant

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Product Details

Product material: plant fiber

Product specifications: sheet can be cut according to customer requirements

Material color: red on white

Packing: carton packaging

Product Description

The dried tablet is a natural plant fiber which is a hygroscopic carrier and is 100% naturally degradable. It is an environmentally friendly desiccant. It is the best substitute for ordinary desiccant. It has fast and high moisture absorption rate.

Its saturated moisture absorption rate is up to 100% of its own weight, at 25 °C, RH=100%, and is three times of ordinary silica gel desiccant. The outer image is thick paper, and the upper and lower sides are colored PET film, which is beautiful and takes up less space. The desiccant size, shape and thickness can be tailored to specific needs.

The desiccant absorption rate can be adjusted.

Product specifications and packaging

Product No. Dimensions (mm) (length × width × thickness) mass (g) maximum moisture absorption (g) equivalent to the amount of silica gel (g) per carton (package)

FF-3 25mm×12mm×1mm 0.2±0.05 0.2 0.5 50000

FF-6 30mm×20mm×1mm 0.4±0.08 0.4 1 30000

FF-15 60mm×25mm×1mm 1.0±0.1 1.0 2.5 18000

Fiber desiccant quality standard

ProjectTechnical indicatorsTesting method
AppearanceWhite-like sheet, no foreign matter, adhesion, no obvious damage, clear printed text and pattern, uniform color.Visual inspection
Size deviationAccording to different specificationsRuler and thickness gauge
Humidity content(dry weight loss)<10%Gravimetric method
Moisture absorption rateRH=20%>10%Gravimetricmethod

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