Calcium Chloride Desiccant
  • Calcium Chloride Powder Desiccant

Calcium Chloride Powder Desiccant

Product Details

Product material: powder calcium chloride plus gel

Product specifications: 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g

Material color: white

Packing: carton packaging


Product Description

Calcium chloride desiccant is white powder and has strong moisture absorption. Moreover, the period of moisture absorption is long, and it can continuously absorb moisture for 60 days. Tested at a humidity of 90% and 25 degrees, it can reach 100% of its own weight within 10 days. The highest saturation in 60 days can reach 200% of its own weight. It is the a moisture-proof product with the strongest moisture absorption performance on the market today. The outer packaging is generally made of PET and Tyvek dupont paper, which absorbs the water and does not penetrate it.

After being wet, it turns from a powder to a gel, and it is obvious to observe that the shape after damp. The changes before and after the damp are relatively obvious, and they cannot be faked.

Introduction and characteristics: The main component is calcium chloride. Under the condition of 25 ° C and 90% humidity, the moisture absorption capacity is up to 280%. The adsorbent becomes gel-like after fully absorbing moisture and does not reverse osmosis.

Moisture absorption cycle: Calcium chloride desiccant can effectively absorb moisture for up to 60 days, and has a long moisture absorption period. It is the first choice for long-term storage of goods and long-distance moisture protection.


Packing characteristics: Calcium chloride desiccant is made of one-way waterproof laminating non-woven fabric or high-strength DuPont paper. It has high strength and will not break the bag.

Shape change before and after damp: Calcium chloride desiccant will become gelatinous from white particles or powder, and the shape changes before and after damp, the effect is easier to identify.


Precautions: Calcium chloride desiccant has strong moisture absorption capacity, and the volume will also expand after moisture absorption. Therefore, proper space is required. If the weight is pressed against the dry bag, the dry bag may be broken or leaked. Unused dry bags must be sealed immediately (the dry bag is in contact with air, which will cause the desiccant to absorb the moisture from the outside air), ensuring that the desiccant is not affected by the external environment before the next use.

Calcium chloride desiccant moisture absorption data sheet

2g Calcium Chloride Desiccant

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