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  • Biochemical Desiccant
  • Biochemical Desiccant
  • Biochemical Desiccant
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Biochemical Desiccant

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Product Details
production descriptionThe new biochemical desiccant which uses natural plant fiber as moisture absorption carrier can be degraded naturally by's an environmentally-friendly desiccant.
product featuresIt is non-toxic,colorless,tasteless,non contact corrosion and no enviromental can be used in food packaging and it harmless to the human body.
moisture absorption rate300%
suitable temperature20degree, RH=100%,the longest effective humidity control time is 30-90 days.
applicationThis product does not contain any additives, corrosive substances and chloride, pure natural processing, its PH value is neutral, no corrosion of any metal,but widely used in textile, shoes clothing, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, medicine, food and other high and low products.
Small packaging application

1. Agricultural products: spices, coffee, tea, tobcco, pepper, ginger, cloves, cashew, rice, wheat, corn etc.

2. wood products: furniture, paper products etc.

3. Electronics: electrical appliances, cables, toys etc.

4. Leather goods:shes,clothing,sofa etc.

5. Metal products:metal plate, coil, machinery, auto parts, aluminum, copper products etc.

6. Textile apparel: accessories, cloth etc.

7. Household goods: glassware, resin, plastic and other products, arts and crafts etc.

8. Medical supplies.

Small package weight2g-5g-10g-25g-50g-100g-1kg

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