• 1g Biochemical Desiccant

1g Biochemical Desiccant

Product Details

Product material: plant biochemical raw materials

Product specifications: 1g- 2000g, etc. can be produced, or produced according to customer requirements

Material color: white

Packing: carton packaging

Product Description

The new biodesiccant is a kind of environment-friendly desiccant with natural plant fiber as its moisture absorber and has 100 % natural degradation. It has high adsorption performance in indoor and general humidity, and has adsorption activity. The saturated moisture absorption rate can reach 300% of its own weight (25°C, RH=100%), which is 20 times of ordinary silica gel desiccant. The longest effective humidity control time is 30-90 days. It has the effect of static dehumidification, peculiar smell removal and so on. The packaging material is made of breathable cotton paper and other materials for moisture absorption, good toughness, anti-piercing, corrosion resistance, no backflow and antistatic. Compared with other types of desiccants on the market today, it not only has fast and high adsorption capacity , but also has a higher adsorption capacity for water vapor and other condensable vapors. It is non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, non-contact corrosive, and free of environmental pollution,which can be used for food packaging and is harmless to the human body.

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