Activated Carbon Desiccant
  • Charcoal Parcel

Charcoal Parcel

Product Details

Product Packing

Product pictureWeightSizeQtyCarton size
Charcoal Parcel2g45*55mm6000 packet38.1*32*32mm
Charcoal Parcel5g45*58mm3000 packet38.1*32*32mm
Charcoal Parcel10g60*70mm1500 packet38.1*32*32mm

Product Raw Materials

It is preferably made of activated carbon and aluminum magnesium silicate clay mineral, which has a large pore size and strong adsorption.

Product Usage

Mainly used in food, color box, clothing, tea, machinery, glue, leather, shoes, handbags, plastics, plastic cups, water cups, furniture and other fields, absorbent, dry, moisture-proof, deodorant.

Main Ingredient

Main ingredient and content comparison table

Main ingredientContentMain ingredientContent

Adsorption Principle

Activated carbon can effectively absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC in the commodity and effectively remove odor.

Product Indicators (basic parameter table)

Test itemsIndex
Particle size pass rate%≥95
Bulk density g/ml0.75-0.95
PH value5-9
Methylene blue adsorption value150mg/g
Moisture absorption rate(RH=80%, 25±2℃)15%-20%
Wear rate≤0.4%
Compressive strength, N/granule  (20 granule average)≥20
Reference dosage1 liter of packaging space is about 1.67 g - 2 g

Activated carbon desiccant features:

In addition to the characteristics of strong water absorption of ordinary desiccant, it also has the ability to deodorize and remove odor. This is its duality, and it is also impossible for other desiccants such as silica gel and lime powder.

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