Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Shenzhen Minghui antibacterial Technology

One: Effectively absorb moisture more than 300% of its weight  and experience show that 10 grams of the Minghui desiccant moisture absorption effect to about 100 grams of high quality silical gel desiccant can achieve, the moisture absorption rate of 8 to 15 times that of ordinary desiccant.

Two: No liquid leakage into gel after moisture absorption. Minghui desiccant,the active  ingredient is calcium oxide and starch glue,moisture absorption after gel, there will be no liquid leakage.

Third: Suitable temperature range from under 5 degree to 90 degree. Minghui desiccant contains the active ingredient material ,suitable for any season of global marine transport.


Four: Non-toxic excluding DMF,Minghui desiccant  is disposable desiccant,the main raw material for the environmental pollution-free calcium oxide powder and plant starch glue,use green packaging design,in accordance with the allied import standards.

Five: Patent design and obtain a number of authoritative attestation.Minghui desiccant packaging appearance design and utility model patents,in line with the characteristics of practicality, convenience, safety, we have passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and access to ROHS, REACH, ECO certificate etc.

Six: Be of the Minghui desiccant to absorb water vapor will not reverse evaporation into the air. Minghui desiccant to absorb moisture,and generate crystalline hydrate reaction,it is an irreversible chemical process.

One -stop to repel moisture invasion escort for your product.

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